The Virgin Murders


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After viewing the video tape of the degrading and violent torture, rape, and murder of Madison Miller - Victor will never be the same.

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He is plummeted into the darkness of his own soul and is stalked, threatened, and hunted by Vampires, Serial Killers, and deranged members of a body modification cult. As he spirals down closer and closer to the edge of his sanity he is haunted by the ghost of the snuff film victim who screams out from beyond the grave demanding justice, vindication, and revenge. He begs for help to make it all stop but "EVEN IN DEATH SHE WON'T LET GO!" The Virgin Murders takes you on a twisted trip to the edge of sanity and back leaving you to wonder what is real, what is hallucination, and when will this wild terrifying ride slow down enough for you to get off.  But you are strapped in until the end for "EVEN IN DEATH YOU CANNOT ESCAPE!"

WWMM 255 Running Time 90 minutes plus Special Features UPC: 886470724246


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