BLOODLINE: Vengeance From Beyond


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Deep within the woods, the Surgeon pursues his perverted experimentation with Science and Magick on random people he has kidnapped. His bizarre and maniacal mutilation agenda reaches an apex when he captures a young girl who becomes separated from her twin sister.

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Years later Sandra, now a grown woman damaged with the regret that she failed to save her sister, returns to face her deepest fears. As if summoned across space and time the Surgeon rises from the shadows to resume his sinister agenda but this time, Sandra will claim her revenge for destroying the hopes and dreams of so many innocent lives. The maze that surrounds the woods becomes the stage of a Paranormal battle without equal, Ghosts and Zombies are sent from the bowels of hell to reclaim the damned soul of the Surgeon.

Influenced by Kubrick's THE SHINING and the classic slasher movies of the Eighties, BLOODLINE is a descent into a world of horrors that entertains and frightens at the same time. The fans of Italian horror movies will recognize Sergio Stivaletti, the Italian master of FX make-up and Claudio Simonetti, composer of DAWN OF THE LIVING DEAD, DEEP RED and SUSPIRIA. BLOODLINE is a visceral cinematic experience that will remain deeply embedded in your psyche - with the Surgeon alongside Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface in a hall of horrors you will never forget.

CBE#128 95 mins plus Special Features $19.95 plus 3.95 flat shipping worldwide


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