Zombie Lover


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Zombie Lover follows Dillon Slater, a young hipster thug with a complicated past. Dillon finds himself on the run and accidentally runs into Stacey, his old flame. Stacey confides that she is married to Michael, a vile and abusive husband who is secretly re-animating corpses in order to build a new Nazi Army, a new Reich.

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Stacey and Dillon eventually succumb to a passionate affair when the ever absent Michael interrupts their love making one evening and begins to beat Stacey - Dillon reacts with his gun. As they try to dispose of the body, they are shocked to discover that Michael has become un-dead as he escapes into the woods. Their journey into hell has just started as they are hunted down by Michael who finds them and viciously bites Stacey. The clock is ticking before Stacey becomes another Nazi Zombie - while on the run from Michael they find themselves wanted by Neo-Nazi hit men lead by a strange and diabolical woman named Ilsa.

WWMM 268 Running Time: 90 mins plus Special FeaturesUPC: 886470944583



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