Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice


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All over the world, strange yet TRUE cannibal attacks have been occurring all whilst Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires are more popular than ever. The "End Times" are truly here according to experts. What if you found out these cannibal attacks and prophecy panics happened before?

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And you were somehow connected to them? That's what happened to Nathan Carlson, an Ethno Historian who did an interview in a newspaper about the historical legend of “Wendigo,” a Native Canadian belief about a monster that can possess people and turn them into murderous cannibals. Days later, a horrific murder occurred on a bus in Manitoba where a beheading and cannibalism was observed by numerous eyewitnesses. It turns out the suspect worked as a newspaper delivery man for the very newspaper the Carlson interview appeared in. Was it a strange coincidence? Or is there really something to his “legend?” An idea that becomes so contagious it drives a person to murder. Forensic Psychologists, Historians and Medical Engineers weigh in on possible explanations behind “Cannibal Possessions” and what causes the symptom of a “Heart Of Ice.”

EWO 007
Running Time: 77 minutes plus Special Features
UPC: 886470946419


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