All Sinner's Night


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Halloween marks the one year anniversary of the disapperance of Daniel, Lana Williams' brother. Although he is considered dead by the authorities, Lana is obsessed with finding him and stumbles across a local investigative reporter whose wife committed suicide a year ago on the exact same night.

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He suspects a satanic cult is actually responsible for her death. Believing there is a link connecting the deaths, they travel to a small rural town in Indiana. Meanwhile, the Reverend Hiram Graves and his Hand of Glory ministry roll into town and hold a bizarre tent revival to save the souls of the wicked. As Halloween night approaches, a murderous cult of masked killers descend upon the town to kidnap and sacrifice five victims - one for each point of the pentagram. How far will Lana and David go to discover something more evil than they ever imagined had happened to Daniel? This Halloween lock your doors and windows and pray for dawn because tonight is All Sinners Night!

Starring John Dugan (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

"A blood soaked nightmare that brings the pain!" - From Dusk Till Con

"Relentless and Scary as Hell!" - Extreme DVD

"All Sinners Night is a non-stop roller coaster ride into hell!" - Film Fanatic

WWMM 310
Running Time 90 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Drama, Psychological Terror

UPC: 889290087812


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