65 Buick Riviera: Dark Horse Gangsta Pimp Ride


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The 1965 Buick Riviera harkens back to one of the most glorious times in American automotive history.

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The 1965 Buick Riviera harkens back to one of the most glorious times in American automotive history. How can you get two of the best worlds in one? The GM car designers ofthe day really nailed the sleek, sinister undertones in this classic vehicle and combined it with one of the most powerful production autos of its time - yet with one of  the smoothest drives ever to hit Route 66. Dark Horse paid homage to the great designers and visionaries by remaining true to the original visions while still hammering it out to be a pure and perfect Original Gangsta Pimp Ride. The 401 Nailhead engine with dual exhaust was a big deal in 65, most were fully powered, total luxury cars which is fitting for such a sexy body style and unbelievable driving experience. It made perfect sense that the great Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on Star Trek was the spokesperson for this vehicle. Painted in transitional Black Cherry, the color is as dark as a moonless night yet glistens with blood red in the light. Add the billet running boards; sinister clam shell lights with skull embedded head lights; billet grill and all original trim which accents this car to another level of demonic sophistication and explains why we call this floor scraping, Rivi "The Professor". Inside is the mafia underground, plush luxury black on black swede leather seats with all electric windows, seats, and mirrors, custom skull shift knob, A/C and boomin Pioneer stereo rig. See "The Professor" soon in the upcoming film "Blood Red Snow" starring Robbie Knievel!

Experience the Road with the Power and Fury of American Muscle!

Loaded with Cool Bonus Videos of other Dark Horse Builds!

RYE 0800
Running Time: 60 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Motorsports, Car Culture, Muscle Cars, Hobbies and Games
Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OoD0Tlegto
UPC: 191091570722



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