Drug Smugglers: The Horrors and the Highs


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A dynamic documentary about two 1970s era marijuana smugglers who were forced to separate when they became too successful. Nothing could prepare them for what they experienced when they reunited 20 years later.

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Drug Smugglers is a fascinating journey into the violent culture of organized crime and the unique individuals that become entrenched in a viscous and complicated battle with themselves and the factions involved from which sometimes there is no escape. Based on the bestselling book “In search of Captain Zero,” this is the story of two friends who grew up surfing together and then became rivals. Shot in three countries with beautiful production value, this film is an unprecedented adventure and mind blowing exposé that will rock you to your core. It exposes insider perspectives of the drug trade and the lengths that those involved will go to in order to protect their monopolies and the price they pay as a result.

EWO 002 Running Time: 65 minutes plus Special Features UPC 886470459254


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